Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Michael! It's Michael!

So Matt and I offered to have Michael for the day on Saturday to get him out of the hospital and give Holly and Doug a break. Holly called Friday and said that Michael wanted to spend the night with us on Friday so it was an extra special treat to have him as our first sleepover guest :)

Hayden was so excited when we told him his cousin was coming to play. When he arrived Hayden acted happy but shy. Michael did so well! I thought with being in a strange place at night we would be calling Daddy by 11, but nope he went right to sleep and woke up in a great mood. When Hayden woke up and realized that Michael was still here he was SCREAMING It's Michael! IT'S MICHAEL!!!!

We ate a big breakfast and then got ready to go to town. First, we stopped and visited Papaw at the Gun Shop, then off to the Zoo. {where I forgot my camera at home :( } We came home and had lunch and a sweet Popsicle treat. Hayden took his nap and as soon as he was up we took off for the park!

I asked Michael if he wanted to spend the night with us tonight and his reply was "he has had a big day, and he would really need to talk to his parents about that" SO FUNNY! Needless to say he told me he was ready to go see his family. So we went to the hospital to visit Kathryn, but Michael just wanted us to drop him off at the elevators!

We had so much fun spending time with my funny little nephew. I hope we have him again soon!

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Holly Bennett said...

Love these pictures. Can I have some copies?