Saturday, February 27, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

This is were Hayden loves to be lately. He tells me when cars drive by, when a puppy is out, or when somebody is jogging. He constantly wants to look out the kitchen window!! He especially loves it on nice sunny days like today, because I will open the window. If someone is taking a stroll around the neighborhood he yells hello to them and they just look around like where is that coming from?? It's pretty funny!
When it snowed earlier this week he HAD to sit here and watch the snow. He didn't want to miss anything! We would go out and play come in and strip our wet clothes off and he immediately needed to be on the counter to watch the snow. My parents also came by earlier this week to visit and this is where he needed to be to greet them.
I always know where he wants to be when he comes running up to me with his arms high in the air yelling "I want to see!" Maybe when he is all grown up with a house and family of his own he will be head of his neighborhood watch!

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Holly Bennett said...

He such a cutie! Next time I come over I'm going to knock on the window instead of ringing the doorbell.