Sunday, September 28, 2008


First let me apologize for posting old pictures of Hayden. Hayden has become a very light sleeper and the camera is in his room where he is taking his nap. So for now you will have to look at sweet Hayden at 3 weeks old! :)

Ok since I have started this blog right before Hayden turns 1 I thought I would take the time to get caught up on his developments.

Hayden was born on October 26th 2007 after only four hours of labor. I had to be induced two week before my due date because of high blood pressure.

At two months Hayden was 7lbs and sleeping through the night.

At three months Hayden started laughing and holding a rattle. He slept all day and all night. We also winged him from his paci.

At four months Hayden weighed 12lbs and was diagnosed with valve pulmonary stenosis. He was taken to the cath lab at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin. His cardiologist ballooned(widened) valve. The cath was a success.

At 5 months Hayden had a follow-up appt with his cardiologist in April and everything was working and looked great. We went to his last cardio appt in July and they found a tear in Hayden's heart. His cardiologist his hopeful that the tear will fix itself with the thin layer of tissue the is covering it right now. We will know more in November.

At 6-10months growing like a weed. Playing hard, crawling, cruising, talking, eating table food..he does it all. The only thing that is killing me is the sippy cup. He can't quiet figure out how to drink from it. He can drink from a cup without a lid just fine...but it has a top on it...forget it! Any suggestions? I would like to try to master this while he is 11 months, and not have to battle to take the bottle away! Help!

At 11 months Hayden is gearing up for his birthday party! We are all very excited. The small little family party I wanted has turned into this huge party with close family, extended family and friends. The more the merrier right....I'll be the judge of that.

1st time blogger

Hello everyone! My name is Heather and I am a first time blogger! Please bear with me as I try to learn how to use this site and post pics. I don't know if I will find anyone on this site that I know, but if I may not know me as my married name, Strahan. I am Heather Hurst and I married a Lorena Boy, Matthew, on November 12th 2005. We welcomed our first child, Hayden Hurst Strahan, on October 26th 2007. He is a true joy and very much all boy! He is such a toot! I will have a post a second blog just about him. Anyway, Matthew and I both work at both of the local hospital's in town. We are very busy during the week, but like to relax and do lots of fun stuff with Hayden on the weekends.

I hope to find old friends and read about what is going on with everyone!