Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got nada

It's really sad to say that there has been NOTHING going on lately. No new cute pics of Hayden, no spectacular news, no fun little play dates or activities. For the entire month of March it has been work and sleep, work and sleep.

I did have a birthday...27 years old now...nothing special. I had a little family birthday party, that was let me think let me think...

I found a website that I think I am going to join...hope it's not too good to be true...hmmm...Matt has been working a lot of overtime this that stinks. Even though the extra money is nice I would rather have him home with me.

What else? I'm having a Mary Kay party at my house on hopefully that will be fun...

Well, I guess that is everything...I know, I just gave you a super exciting're welcome!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 Years Heart Healthy Hayden

Well, it's already been two years. Two years since Matt and I was scared out our mind. Two years since we signed scary consent forms that said "greatest risk death" Two years ago today two sweet little cath lab nurses had to pry my 4 month old baby out of my arms and take him to have his heart valve fixed.

We were at Dell Children's Hospital. It was about a 4 hour procedure. They called us every 30 min with an update on his condition. The minute he was in recovery they took me back to nurse him. I got to see his sweet swollen little eyes, but the best part was that I felt Hayden's hands and they were WARM. For the first time in his 4 months of life Hayden had warm hands and feet! I knew at that moment he was going to be fine. Dr. Wong came and told me that the cath was a success. So.So.So. thankful!

That day to me felt so traumatic and scary. Now 2 years later it makes me laugh of how dramatic I it was really no big deal. Even though it totally was to me.

I still don't understand why this had to be my baby. I never would have thought I would have a child with heart disease, but he does and that won't ever change. So instead of asking God why, I say thank you God! Thank you for giving Dr. Ferguson the knowledge and quick thinking to get him tested and diagnosed. Thank you for giving us Dr. Wong and asking him to be so sweet with me while I bawled and bawled on the phone with him, and for promptly taking Hayden to the cath lab. Thank you God for giving us Hayden.

This is Hayden, 4 months old, 4 or 5 hours after he got out of the cath lab 3.7.2008
This is Hayden today enjoying a special chocolate 2 year anniversary donut 3.7.2010