Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend at the Lake

Matt's parents practically live at the lake all summer. No joke...they spend 2 weeks there and then home for 2 weeks and then back at the on and so forth. So this is the first weekend of the year that we spent the weekend with them at their campsite. We have a lot of fun and Hayden LOVES the lake! He is 150% boy and loves the outdoors. I didn't take a lot of pics being that I don't do well with expensive electronics around a large body of water!

This is Hayden fishing for the first time...He hasn't gotten casting down...but he can reel in his line like no body's business. He didn't catch anything this time. Mainly because he won't leave his line in the water long enough...something else we need to work on. Matt loves to fish and hasn't been in a while, so he was glad he was able to cast a line this weekend. I love the thought of Hayden and Daddy going fishing together. I know this will be a love that they will both share!

It is so much fun to see his excitement about being at the lake and thinking about how much fun we is going to have their for years and years to come!

I posted this pic just because I love it...Matt taking it all in!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello, did ya miss me?

It's been a while since I have posted anything! There really isn't much to post about. I haven't even been taking any pictures...come to think of it I'm not totally sure where my camera is right now...hmm.

I do have one thing to brag about...Hayden of course! We had his cardiology follow-up with Dr. Wong in Austin on Friday. I didn't sleep at all on Thursday. I was just so nervous as to what they were going to see. It had been a whole year since our last check-up and even though he has been showing no signs of trouble, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in the little body of his.

We arrived to our appt and Hayden was not wanting to cooperate. He had no desire to be weighed or measured. I thought great this is the easy part we are going to have to strap this boy down to get a good echo.

So after the weight/height (28lbs and 36 in) he had his blood pressure taken. It was good which I was glad about because last time it was a little high. He did ok during that and then he had his EKG which he sat fairly still for. It looked good. Then he played and ran all over the room until Dr. Wong came in.

Dr. Wong listened to his heart and he said that it was very quiet compared to last year. Which is good because if you ever listened to Hayden's heart in the past it was loud and noisy with a whooshing sound.

So we had the echo...the part I was most nervous about...b/c of what they would find or what they wouldn't find b/c Hayden wasn't going to sit still. Hayden laid on that table they popped in "Finding Nemo" (his favorite movie this month) and I gave him a special chocolate milk treat and he laid perfectly still for 30 plus minutes. I was soooo soooo sooo proud of him. He was perfect.

The echo looked great. His valve that they widened when he was four months old is still wide. The holes that they found over a year ago had closed on there own. His heart wall was a little enlarged, since his valve is crooked instead of straight...when the blood pumps from the valve it hits that heart wall and that's why it is enlarged. That is something that Dr. Wong said he is not too worried about right now. Yeah! Good report!

My mom came with us to give me some support. She knew I was super nervous. So after his appointment we all ate a great lunch at Texas Land and Cattle and did some shopping! It turned out to be a pretty fun little Friday!

Praise the Lord he had a great appointment, but on the downside he became ill on Saturday with vomiting and fever. This evening he seems to be feeling better so I think his bug is on the way out the door!