Monday, September 13, 2010


*Warning this post is to just let me vent a little*
So Hayden has become a little monster lately. I am really just so frustrated!!! Before he turned 2 we had already entered the "terrible 2" stage and then shortly after 2 he mellowed, now he is turning 3 and throwing the WORST fits. I thought we were supposed to be over this attitude!
So now he is refusing everything I ask him to do. Really I don't "ask" anything I tell him.
  • First it started off with the toys. He is REFUSING to clean up from playtime. I now have to threatened to throw his toys away and have to have a trash bag in hand for him to even think about picking up.
  • Then it went to eating he REFUSED whatever I put in front of him. I am the type of Mother that isn't a "short order cook" if you don't like what I make for don't eat. Unfortunately for Hayden he has gone to bed hungry a many a night. Is this too harsh? Am I just overreacting to the thought of someone immediately rejecting my loving home cooked meal?
  • Now he is REFUSING to take a bath or a shower. I don't know why. He has ALWAYS loved to take a bath. He used to request a bath throughout the day because he loved them so much. I don't know why, nothing has happened. He hasn't fallen, the water isn't too hot, he hasn't had a near drowning. Now it's literally like trying to bath a cat. He screams and cry and tries to climb out. You would think we are pouring boiling water over him. I don't know what to think.
  • He also is REFUSING to cut his hair. Matt has always shaved his head to be "like Daddy" Now he won't let us come near him with the shears. He tell us not to "take his hair" His hair is so overgrown he is starting to look "unkept" I know I need to just take him to smarty pants or something, but I am so afraid of the way he will react and I really don't want to have to hog tie him for a haircut. What should I do???
  • Bedtime. Geez. A year ago when we moved we had a hard time getting Hayden to stay in is room. He would immediately come into the living or the bedroom, or wherever Matt and I were. He would have to walk him back a thousand times and then we would get so tried of playing games and would have to go to bed that we would just let him sleep with us. So finally one night Matt just put his crib back up so he couldn't get out. So that worked about great for about three month, then he converted his bed back to a toddler bed and all was fine. Well a YEAR later he is REFUSING to sleep in his bed. He has to get into ours. I don't know what made him change his mind about his room. So here we are playing the back and forth game. I hate having my son go to bed in tears. I hate that the last thing he hears from us at night are threats of a spanking, but I don't know what else to do! He still comes into our room about 4am EVERY NIGHT. By that time Matt and I are too tried and have to get up in two hours. So in our bed he goes. I just don't know what to do!!!
  • Potty training...psssh what potty training. Don't even get me started.

I explain everything to him and in a loving way. Hayden you have to take a bath because...Hayden the reason Mommy needs you to sleep in your bed is because....Hayden you need to potty in the big boy potty is because.... I always try to make him understand. I always explain the reasoning's for everything. He just doesn't care and SCREAMS at me!

I really go to bed some night and think How am I even supposed to handle him? How the hell do I be a good Mother. Why the hell won't he listen to us? Why is he so mean? What made him become a loud DEMANDING child?

I will gladly take ANY AND ALL suggestion anyone has to any of the above refusals. I'm to a point to where I just want to wave my white flag and say screw it, he can do whatever he wants. I am tried of fighting him!!!