Saturday, February 27, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

This is were Hayden loves to be lately. He tells me when cars drive by, when a puppy is out, or when somebody is jogging. He constantly wants to look out the kitchen window!! He especially loves it on nice sunny days like today, because I will open the window. If someone is taking a stroll around the neighborhood he yells hello to them and they just look around like where is that coming from?? It's pretty funny!
When it snowed earlier this week he HAD to sit here and watch the snow. He didn't want to miss anything! We would go out and play come in and strip our wet clothes off and he immediately needed to be on the counter to watch the snow. My parents also came by earlier this week to visit and this is where he needed to be to greet them.
I always know where he wants to be when he comes running up to me with his arms high in the air yelling "I want to see!" Maybe when he is all grown up with a house and family of his own he will be head of his neighborhood watch!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Yo!

So we played and played and played in the snow. I didn't get any good pics during the day b/c I was chasing a 2 year old around and didn't want to drop my camera in the snow :( but when Matt came home he snapped lots of shots.

Hayden loved the snow much. He could have stayed in it all day! We made a "snowman" I added the quotes for sarcasm because it really turned out to be three balls of snow. I forgot the buttons, carrot, cole, pipe and top hat inside {I totally don't have any of that stuff!} and it was getting late so I didn't feel like getting creative...I know I'm a horrible Mom, thinking about getting inside and getting him in the bath! Nevertheless he loved helping me make the "snowman" and loved knocking it down even more!

Getting dressed for the weather

Hayden and Mom about to head out for the first time.


Hayden putting in the arm

He totally didn't want to take this picture...but I made him!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Michael! It's Michael!

So Matt and I offered to have Michael for the day on Saturday to get him out of the hospital and give Holly and Doug a break. Holly called Friday and said that Michael wanted to spend the night with us on Friday so it was an extra special treat to have him as our first sleepover guest :)

Hayden was so excited when we told him his cousin was coming to play. When he arrived Hayden acted happy but shy. Michael did so well! I thought with being in a strange place at night we would be calling Daddy by 11, but nope he went right to sleep and woke up in a great mood. When Hayden woke up and realized that Michael was still here he was SCREAMING It's Michael! IT'S MICHAEL!!!!

We ate a big breakfast and then got ready to go to town. First, we stopped and visited Papaw at the Gun Shop, then off to the Zoo. {where I forgot my camera at home :( } We came home and had lunch and a sweet Popsicle treat. Hayden took his nap and as soon as he was up we took off for the park!

I asked Michael if he wanted to spend the night with us tonight and his reply was "he has had a big day, and he would really need to talk to his parents about that" SO FUNNY! Needless to say he told me he was ready to go see his family. So we went to the hospital to visit Kathryn, but Michael just wanted us to drop him off at the elevators!

We had so much fun spending time with my funny little nephew. I hope we have him again soon!

**Kathryn Update**

So Kathryn is doing much better. She has been so sick with fever a almost 2 weeks getting Motrin and Tylenol round the clock by her parents and also when she was admitted to the hospital. The doctor realized that she may developed an allergy to Motrin {even though she has been taking Motrin for a long time with no problem at all} So he stopped the Motrin, her fever went down, her rash started to fade, and her swelling decreased. She also hasn't had any seizures {her EEG results still aren't in} So hopefully she will be discharged from the hospital soon!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my sweet sweet niece. God heard all of you!

I took this picture today. I wish I had a before and after. I'm sure my sister Holly will post something on her blog once they are home and settled. She looks A.MAZ.ING!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pleading for Prayers

My 21 month old niece, Kathryn, is very ill. She has been having off and on seizures {currently being managed by medication} when her fever gets very high. She has a horrible rash all over her body. She is so so so swollen. Her fever was up to 105 when I visited her at the hospital tonight. Currently checking for rheumatic fever and among other things! Thankfully Kawasaki Disease has been ruled out.

My heart is breaking for her. She is the sweetest thing...she lights up the room with her smile, she is just so full of life and fun. To see her so pitiful is just devastating. To see her laying in the bed miserable it is just flat out heart breaking.

I am asking, begging, pleading for your prayers. Please pray for recovery for Kathryn. Please pray for peace of mind for my sister and brother-in-law. Please pray for my sweet nephew who is going out of his mind stir crazy :)

I love you doodlebug~Aunt Heather

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We went to see Elmo live today. The entire Sesame Street gang was there. The show was all about using your cute! Hayden had a blast! He thought it was A.MAZ.ING!! I don't think he ever blinked for the entire show! We took TONS of pictures but not any good ones of Hayden's face because he refused to look away from the stage!
Hayden and Daddy before the show
Proud Momma
Cookie Monster
Big Bird
Burt and Ernie
An imaginary octopus
Oscar (my favorite Sesame character!)
We had so much fun! Can't wait to go again next year!!

Goin' out with my boots on...

Hayden has been telling me he wants boots. He has rain boots that he wears occasionally but he wants "REAL BOOTS" Today he decided that he was just going to wear daddy's boots and didn't want to take them off. So I said ok we will get you your boots TODAY!

So we went to Richie's and bought him the cutest pair of boots ever! He looks adorable and was so happy at the store. He was telling the sales lady that these were HIS BOOTS! She fumbled with the boots and accidentally drop one and Hayden said "You dropped my boot!" she thought he was too cute!

He loves them so much he wont take them off! Watch out little girls Momma is raisin a STUD!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How sweet it is to be loved by you...

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Matthew and I celebrated our Valentine's Day early.

First, I was surprised at work with such a sweet gift! It really means a lot to me because up until the end of last year Matthew and I haven't exchanged gifts with each other for any holiday for 6 years! Not because we didn't want to, but something was always needing to be paid...or someone is always having a birthday or wedding...we always seem to put something else before us!! Not that I need a sweet gift...but it sure makes me feel special ;) Then, I was surprised with a date night! We went out to eat and we were going to see a movie, but we decided to rent one and go to our warm home instead. Can you believe this weather?? FREEZING! Anyway what a wonderful feeling it is to know your loved! I love you Matthew!