Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year we of course had to make our round to every family member in Central Texas and then Hayden actually did some door to door trick or treating! This is the first year I have let Hayden go door to door and he loved it! He was a total ham and asking people if he could come in...totally embarrassing but hysterical at the same time! 

 Hayden and his cousins.

Dad and I took turns taking him up to the doors. There is something that I love about a Daddy and Son trick or treating together! 
Hayden taking us to the next house...(the road was completely empty, I swear!)

Preschool Halloween Party

I attended Hayden's Halloween party at school. It was really fun this year because the kids seemed so much more animated then the past years. Here are some pic I wanted to share with you!

Hayden as the Transformer Optimus Prime! He was so excited to wear his costume at school!

I think this picture is hysterical! I don't know who he was talking to but he is obviously channeling the Fonz!

Hayden's Class!

Two Optimus' just doin what they do...

And to finish the party with an exciting game of duck, duck, goose!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hayden turns 4!

Recently my sweet baby boy turned 4!! This year we partied it up with our close friends, Hulk, IronMan, Batman...etc. We had his party at Pinwheel Kids with Sandra Simply Events running the show. Let me tell you, it was the perfect party! The girls at Simply Events kept these kids entertained and I was able to do what i do best...chit chat with my friends and snap pictures!

The setup was way too cute! Superhero's everywhere! They got to decorated and take home their own mask and utility belts! Sandra also made super cute capes for the kids to take home as well!

The table set up...

Hayden looking too cute putting his mask on...


This was the BIGGEST hit of the night! The kids got to build their own brick wall and knock 'em down using their super powers!

Is this not the best picture?!!? I love him!

Taking a little time to catch up on his reading....

This is what Hayden has been waiting all month for....a big hulk. He has been begging and pleading, making deals and promises for this ultimate prize! Let me tell you a "big" hulk is not easy to find in this town...he is not a hot ticket item at the moment. I was a little worried until I found Bankston's! This place is awesome and the perfect place for a superhero fan!

This Happy Hayden is why everything is worth while! I love him so much and can't believe he is so big! Every year I ask for him not to get any bigger but he does it anyway!

Sunday Funday...Halloween Style

Yesterday we had a lot of Halloween fun. We carved a pumpkin, made caramel apples and cupcakes! Hayden had a blast and it was fun to something creative with him.

These are our finished caramel apples! I think they turned out too cute!

Our cupcakes...they are supposed to be skeletons. They were a lot prettier in the magazine, but I think they turned out pretty good!

Me and my sweet baby boy!

Hayden LOVES the inside. He likes that it is slimy!

Hayden's CUTE face when I told him it was pretty clean and time for a bath...we wanted to clean it out a little longer

Our finished product...i like that we went to the old school triangle face style!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Kid

I just realized I didn't get any pictures of him with the actual pumpkins...oops. Please note: Hayden has mastered the art of the "fake smile" :)

YMCA Soccer 2011

This year we decided to play soccer. We found that the Y has teams for 3 year olds. I knew going in it would be craziness and it is so fun to watch! I could tell you that Hayden is an aggressive player. I could tell you that he gives nothing less then 110% and that he scores every games...but those would all be lies. :) He started off with a good attitude in the beginning of the season but about mid season he decided he could honestly care less about the sport. He is on one end of the field and his team mates are on the other end. He is move interested in playing in the dirt and putting on the show for the extended family that came to watch him!

My soccer star!

Opening Prayer

This is the most aggressive he has been all season.

Throwing in the ball.

This is his favorite part of the game...playing in the dirt and grass with his cleats. One game he found a stick and it played and played in the dirt. He nearly was hit by a stampede of kids and he never even noticed!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fair 2011

This year, as we do every year, we headed out to the Fair and Rodeo! This year Hayden was mesmerized by the Rodeo events. So I can't help but wonder if this is something he would like to pursue one day. I could handle Hayden Barrel Racing, Saddle or Bareback Bronc Riding, but if he EVER thinks about getting on a bull, I don't care how old he is, I will FORBID it. Its too scary for a Mama to take! After the Rodeo we went and rode rides and a pony and then we went into the petting zoo. He was also the cowboy in a cute little play. We had tons of fun this year!

Now, I know I'm partial...but is this not the CUTEST little cowboy you have EVER laid eyes on? He is going to be such a heart breaker!

Getting ready for the play!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

This past June Hayden took swimming lessons for the first time. He has always loved the water but was the type to have you in a choke hold. I don't know what type of hypnosis Miss Sandy put on Hayden but I was SHOCKED on show and tell day. Hayden was going under water and kicking his feet like crazy. He loved it!! Since swimming lessons he is still just as comfortable in the water. It doesn't matter if we are in a pool or the lake, he loves going under and making frog legs. It is amazing. He is just so brave now, almost too brave! I am one proud Mommy!

Zoobilee 2011

As always, Zoobilee was a lot of fun! Tons of food, drinks and activities for the kiddos. We went early and there were no lines to wait in and not at all crowded, pretty nice! Even with all the excitement Hayden's favorite part is looking at all the animals. He gets frustrated that we can't go through the whole zoo...but he still had tons of fun!

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter this year. We spent time with both sides of the family and enjoyed good food and fellowship!

I love this picture of Hayden and his cousins. Just so swett and I LOVE Kathryn's face. She is just done with doing a photoshoot with the boys!