Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Talk

So Matt and I have been flirting the with idea of starting to try to have another baby. From time to time we will ask Hayden if he wants Momma to have a baby and he always says NO! This is the conversation at the dinner table tonight:

Momma: Hayden do you want Momma to have a baby?
Hayden: Ok!
Momma: You do?! Do you want Momma to have a baby girl or a baby boy?
Hayden: blank stare...
Momma: Hayden, do you want a brother like Michael or a sister like Kathryn? {my nephew and niece}
Hayden: Baby Monkey!
Daddy: Sorry buddy, Momma can't have a baby monkey. Do you want a girl or boy?
Hayden: BABY MONKEY!!!

He will be so disappointed....


Holly Bennett said...

Histerical! I love him so much. Miss you guys maybe we can play this weekend.

Brandi Chandler said...

Oh poor misguided little Hayden, he has no idea how hard it would be to take care of a baby monkey!

~Shelly~ said...

Aw that is cute! Im so glad yall are going to be trying soon! Very exciting!
We are prob going to start trying again around June. We havent mentioned anything to Kinley but she always talks about a sister.. Im thinking its her imaginary friend lol!!