Friday, January 29, 2010

Hayden where are you?

That's Hayden's new favorite question...Momma where are you? Dadda where are you? Baby elephant where are you? {which reminds me I still need to replace the baby elephant that ran away}

Hayden has been absent from our household this week. I came down with the flu on Wednesday. The minute I got the diagnosis Matt immediately called his mom to save the day. Obviously, we don't want Hayden to get sick, even though he has had his shots {so did I, but look where that got me} I am so thankful that she has taken care of him for me...there is no way I could have taken him to school or honestly listened to a tantrum, but I miss him so much...I have been fever free all morning and he could come home this afternoon, but Meemaw wants one more day with him...ugh of course, who wouldn't he is adorable!

So tomorrow is the big day...I get to see my baby boy again...and I can stop wondering around the house asking: Hayden where are you?

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Holly Bennett said...

Yea! Hayden comes home tomorrow! I know you miss that little stinker, but take every opportunity to rest. Because when he gets home thats all over. Glad your feeling better.