Monday, January 18, 2010


I never make New Year's resolutions simply because I don't keep them, but lately I have been thinking of thinga in my life I need to improve.

1. Better Christian, of course... Maybe I should start taking my Mom's advice and start attending a church service. This is something that Matt, Hayden and I did on a regular basis, but then Matt's scheduled changed and he was working every other weekend. I made the excuse that is was just too hard to get myself ready and then Hayden ready and be on time. On the weekends that Matt was off we just wanted to relax on Sunday's as much as possible since we go go go on Saturdays. So a good Sunday Service stopped happening for the Strahan's. Now that Matt received his promotion back in October he doesn't have to work weekends...but our Sunday's are still lazy. We have no good excuses anymore. We have to get up and GO!

2. Weight...of course. So I want to join a gym and take fun aerobics classes, but I can't at first. I have to start on my own and stick with it before I let the Y take money out of my account every month and me never set foot in that facility. So after work I can leave Hayden at school and that will give me an hour and a half of "me time" if I can stay off of facebook, I could take a walk or jog, I could do a fun dance/workout video, or I could play the Wii and workout that way. Then I can go get Hayden...seems too simple. HA!

3. Read. I want to start reading books. I have only been reading parenting books for the last 3 years. Time for something else. I have never been a great reader. It makes me so sleepy, but this is something I want to work on. I spend my evenings watching too much TV. Time for something new.

4. Cooking. I love cooking it is something that I really enjoy, but I feel like I make the same thing over and over week after week. I want to expand my recipes. Get new ones and try new foods. I have always been a picky eater. I always said that I hate broccoli...even though I never tried it. Matt came along (he is a total veggie eater LOVES them all) and he made me try broccoli now it's my favorite.

Just a handful of improvements...I can handle all that, right?


Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat you are! I really want to get back in the church and start being a better Christian. I too am trying to get back into the gym. Its not always easy for me either. I share a car with my other half and he goes at different times so I don't always get to go when I need to. I am not the best cook and wish that I could take cooking classes. My man cooks better than I do! I want to be a good housewife and mother someday so I really want to improve in that department and just like you I too want to read more. It puts me to sleep! I don't know how to change that. I want to read something other than just school stuff. I want to read for myself. Let me know how it goes and if you have any tips for me too.

~Shelly~ said...

I think these are great resolutions and I am with on all of them!
I cant wait for it to warm up so we can go jogging and walking around our neighborhood & track. But for now the Wii is my best friend!!
Reading puts me to sleep too. My cousin can finish a book in 2 days and it takes me 2 weeks! I want to read alot more myself.
Good luck w/ everything!! Keep us posted :)

~Shelly~ said...

*with you

Anonymous said...

good luck with your goals for the New Year. MOM