Saturday, October 22, 2011

YMCA Soccer 2011

This year we decided to play soccer. We found that the Y has teams for 3 year olds. I knew going in it would be craziness and it is so fun to watch! I could tell you that Hayden is an aggressive player. I could tell you that he gives nothing less then 110% and that he scores every games...but those would all be lies. :) He started off with a good attitude in the beginning of the season but about mid season he decided he could honestly care less about the sport. He is on one end of the field and his team mates are on the other end. He is move interested in playing in the dirt and putting on the show for the extended family that came to watch him!

My soccer star!

Opening Prayer

This is the most aggressive he has been all season.

Throwing in the ball.

This is his favorite part of the game...playing in the dirt and grass with his cleats. One game he found a stick and it played and played in the dirt. He nearly was hit by a stampede of kids and he never even noticed!

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~Shelly~ said...

That is so funny!! At least he is having fun! My nephew used to let the other team have it bc "it was their turn!" hehe SO cute!