Friday, April 8, 2011

Couch to 5K

Alright Ladies, so about two weeks ago I started the couch to 5k program. For those of you who don't know its a 9 week walking/jogging app. The purpose is to over 9 weeks gradually get you to were you can run a 5k or 30 minutes straight. My first day I had SERIOUS doubts. I injured my foot back in October and by the end of the session I could barley bare weight on my foot. I was in near tears thinking I physically can't do this. I'm too heavy and my foot can't take the pressure, but I stuck with it. So I reached the end of the 1st week and post it on facebook and I mentioned that I thought I would repeat week 1 because I didn't feel like I was ready to advance. My friend told me to go ahead with week 2. She said I would be surprised at what I can do. SHE WAS RIGHT! Tonight I did the 2nd day of week 2 and I had never felt better. I had energy and I was PROUD of myself. My foot doesn't even hurt!! Even though its early in the program, I feel I have made a huge accomplishment! Between the 2 weeks of the program and trying really hard at portion control I am down 7 pounds...7 freakin pounds people! I can't believe it. I just am beyond happy. But there is always a catch...see no matter how happy I am with myself on a diet or exercise, when the going gets tough, I quit. I love to quit. Nothing makes me happier then giving up on something hard. Sounds so stupid, but it's the honest truth. So this is were I need YOUR help. To anyone that reads my blog or that is friends with me on Facebook. I need you to keep me accountable. I don't want to quit this, I want a happier healthier lifestyle. I need this for Hayden and any other children that come my way. If you haven't seen a c25K post from me on facebook, I need you to ask me what's up. I need encouragement to keep going!!! My goal is to finish the program and MAYBE one day actually run a 5K!!!


Anne said...

I read your blog, as rarely as you post. I am SO proud of you for working on a 5K. I KNOW it can be done and I will continue to follow to key an eye on you.
Miss you at work. Wish you were there to keep us happy.

Holly Bennett said...

You can do it! The pay off is BIG in the end. When you run your first real 5K race I will be on the sideline with a GIANT sign cheering you on.

Meg said...

YAY HEATHER!! running can change your life, i am living proof!! i started running by doing a very similar program and ran my first marathon within a year...running was that addicting to me!! it is so so good for you on so many levels...healthwise, yes, but also emotionally. i always say it's "playing hooky" from laundry, no dishes, no one needing mama...just ME time. you deserve it!! don't let anything stop you!! keep us updated!!

Heather said...

Thanks everyone!!! I have enkoyed these last two weeks, but I'm not I'm looking forward to week 3!! I appreciate evryone sweet comments! Anne, I miss your face! I should come have lunch with all the girls! And I will try to update my blog more for you! We are headed to seaworld this weekind so stay tuned!

Spencer and Emily said...

Heather, you are SO awesome for doing that!! You can do it! You know what helps me> And this is bad I know, but I'll watch the Biggest Loser and those people are working so hard and never quit - it makes me think if they are working so hard, how can I quit!? Anyway, keep up the good work!!