Saturday, February 5, 2011

God will never let you down....

Well, contrary to the post below...we did make it to say goodbye to my Grandmother. Once the sun started to melt Friday afternoon my husband looked at me and said "I think this is our chance" Man oh man we booked. He hurried Hayden over to my in-laws and I called Holly and told her we were going. She got her kids squared away and we threw everything in the truck a boogied.

The overall ride was pretty smooth. There was about two hours that were pretty scary. The ice was just everywhere, but my husband was so careful and slow. We made it just fine!

We didn't tell our parents we were coming because we knew we would get the "its too dangerous" spill and we didn't want to worry them. So when we came in town my sister called the hotel where we usually stay and boom its full, we called 4 other hotel everyone is booked. The front desk lady at my parents hotel was nice enough to call a competitor and snag us the last room available!! While we are searching for shelter my Mom call me and we told her we were in town. She was so happy. She said that she felt like everything was complete...and it truly was. God didn't let us down, He didn't prevent us from anything. He just had a different arrival time then we did!!

We had the service today and it was beautiful. I am so glad I was able to say my final goodbye to my Sweet Grannie in person...all is right in my world.

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~Shelly~ said...

Im so glad you made it, Heather! God does work in mysterious ways! Maybe he saved yall from a horrible wreck had yall kept going the first day. May she rest in peace :)