Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011

Sooo, 2011 has kinda been a rocky start for us. Week one was typical. just the standard New Year hoopla and a boring week to follow. Day 8 of January, BOOM, worlds fall apart. We get a call from family in West Texas that my uncle has an abdominal aortic tear. When my family heard this our worlds stopped. We knew how serious this is, it mostly leads to death. Patients usually don't make it to the ER alive. The fact that my Uncle is with us today...God's Miracle. To make a long story short...he was care flighted by plane (not helicopter, crazy to think, huh?) from Odessa to Houston, and in surgery for about 5 or so hours...with his heart stopped for about 2 or so hours of the surgery. Are you kidding me?!!? Thank you God for not being ready for Uncle Toby!! He is currently recovering at my Mom's house and will be headed back home to Odessa in 6 weeks or so! MIRACLE!

So the very same weekend Hayden is defeated by the flu. Sickest little kid on earth. (Sorry the pictures aren't great they are all from my phone) I of course immediately separate myself from Hayden, not knowing if I would be making an emergency drive to Houston, or God forbid services in Odessa...something I just cant be sick for. Luckily there was no traveling needed. So I stayed home with Hayden for one of the days he was sick so daddy could catch up on work.

So of course towards the end of week 2 and half of week 3 I get the flu. Just the one day with Hayden was all my body needed to be invaded. Matt of course never even got a sniffle. Lucky duck. Anyhow, I was just sick as dog and Matt waited on me hand and foot. So sweet to me!

So while I was bedridden, Matthew thought it was a good idea to shave Hayden's head in the middle of winter. We shave his head every summer, but really it was at Hayden's request that he have his head shaved now. Matt shaves his head every week and of course Hayden has to be just like him! It really is the only calm way to cut Hayden's hair. Whenever someone cuts his hair with scissors he thinks they are going to cut his head off and screams and screams and screams...totally embarrassing.

This past week was the first week I worked a 40 hr week since before CHRISTMAS, talk about hard. I thought those little 5 in a row 8 hour days were going to kill me.

Everything is back to normal. Hayden is growing so big and wants to help me with EVERYTHING. He all the sudden wants to help cook, don't know where that came from. He also likes to help with the dishes! Yay! I do believe I will take advantage and train him now for a future chore! :)

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~Shelly~ said...

Im sorry yall had such a rough start to the new year. Glad ur uncle is doing better now- how scary :/
Glad u updated! Hayden looks so cute with his bald little head HEHE!