Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families. We had lunch at my sister's. It was yummy! My mom was greatly missed, she went to prison on Thursday (to work! haha!) but she still sent her FAMOUS dressing with my Daddy. No worries we will celebrate with her on Saturday! I was incredibly proud of all the kiddos for being so well mannered. My sister and I actually were able to eat with minimal interruption. Hayden ate so much and was very good about say more please and thank you!

That night we celebrated at Matt's grandmother's house, ate more good food and enjoyed great company! Hayden again stuffed his face as if he hasn't eaten in three days...

Here are some pics of the kids at my sister's...why I didn't think to get a family shot of me, Matt and Hayden is beyond me.

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