Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rangers, baby!!!

This Strahan household are HUGE Ranger fans! We always get so excited when April's America's past time! I was lucky enough to attend a luncheon at the Texas Sports of Hall of Fame for the Rangers. Ron Washington, Manager, Eric Nadel, Announcer, Dave Anderson, Third Base Coach, and Mark Hamburger, Pitcher were all in attendance. They basically spoke about how they came to be in baseball and what there thoughts were on last season and the up coming season. There was Q&A from the audience the food was amazing and I am so happy I got to be apart of it all!

 Ron and Eric

Me and Ron Washington

 The baseball I asked Ron to sign. Matt was very happy to receive this little gift. He has a very nice baseball memorabilia collection and it always happy to add stuff to it!

Me with the 2010 and 2011 ALCS Trophies. It was pretty amazing to touch something I knew Michael, Ian and Josh have all held!

It was a great experience and I am proud to be a Ranger fan. Even with all the media surrounding Josh's alcohol relapse I know God will lead him where he needs to be and get him to enjoy life again. 


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