Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Carnival

Last Saturday me and my bestie's went to a fall carnival in McGregor with all the kiddo's. It was lots of fun to watch the boys play and the carnival was nice and clean!!

My Bestie's Amanda and Brandi. Sista's from anota Mista...I love both of these ladies like I love my family. Both of them are always there when I need them. We all love the same things and have the same values. It's amazing how much a like we all are. I don't often get to spend time with both of them at the same time, but when I do it's twice as sweet!!!

Their boys: two are blood brothers and two are brotha's from anotha motha ;)

Making a game plan...

This is how Brandi and Amanda were the WHOLE night. l have a bum foot right now and couldn't chase after Hayden in my awesome boot. They ran all over the place after him! They held him for most of the night, because he was a little too young for the rides and the rides he could have rode he was too scared to (he gets that from his Dad). They also held my purse and Hayden's coat the whole night too. There isn't anything wrong with my arms or shoulders, but sometimes when you get the chance you just gotta milk it! hahah :)

Not the best pic of us, but it is the only one I have of us together, with him looking at the camera in like two years! So I felt the need to share...

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