Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend at the Lake

Matt's parents practically live at the lake all summer. No joke...they spend 2 weeks there and then home for 2 weeks and then back at the on and so forth. So this is the first weekend of the year that we spent the weekend with them at their campsite. We have a lot of fun and Hayden LOVES the lake! He is 150% boy and loves the outdoors. I didn't take a lot of pics being that I don't do well with expensive electronics around a large body of water!

This is Hayden fishing for the first time...He hasn't gotten casting down...but he can reel in his line like no body's business. He didn't catch anything this time. Mainly because he won't leave his line in the water long enough...something else we need to work on. Matt loves to fish and hasn't been in a while, so he was glad he was able to cast a line this weekend. I love the thought of Hayden and Daddy going fishing together. I know this will be a love that they will both share!

It is so much fun to see his excitement about being at the lake and thinking about how much fun we is going to have their for years and years to come!

I posted this pic just because I love it...Matt taking it all in!

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