Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got nada

It's really sad to say that there has been NOTHING going on lately. No new cute pics of Hayden, no spectacular news, no fun little play dates or activities. For the entire month of March it has been work and sleep, work and sleep.

I did have a birthday...27 years old now...nothing special. I had a little family birthday party, that was let me think let me think...

I found a website that I think I am going to join...hope it's not too good to be true...hmmm...Matt has been working a lot of overtime this that stinks. Even though the extra money is nice I would rather have him home with me.

What else? I'm having a Mary Kay party at my house on hopefully that will be fun...

Well, I guess that is everything...I know, I just gave you a super exciting're welcome!

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